Glenda Linares

Development Specialist

Glenda Linares, (she/her) is the Development Specialist Consultant for Long Beach Immigrants Rights Coalition. Glenda was born in El Salvador, and immigrated to Los Angeles when she was five years old, with her mom and older sister. Glenda’s work is inform by her own life experiences as an immigrant woman of color, and a young mom. Over the last twenty years, Glenda has been working for social justice grassroots organizations, initiality as a frontline staff, and in the past twelve years in management, and director roles. Glenda has successfully implemented and secured funds for several community based leadership programs, and launched Benevon, a multi-year donor development model. Glenda is the co-founder of Cambio Collectivo::Collective Change, a co-op that utilizes healing center modalities, and strength based approaches to create change both organizationally wide, and systemic change. Glenda will be completing her Bachelor's Degree this Spring, 2021 in Sociology at Pitzer College. She is the proud mama of a remarkable 22 year old.