Executive Director

Norma Chinchilla

Dr. Norma Stoltz Chinchilla is a sociologist and immigration scholar who has written about the impact of immigration on cities like Los Angeles.  Her award-winning book with Dr. Nora Hamilton, Seeking Community in a Global City: Guatemalans and Salvadorans in the United States, Temple U. Press , 2001, has become a foundational text in Central American studies.  Dr. Chinchilla became an immigration justice activist in 1980 as part of a movement that sought to protect Central American refugees from deportation through the inter-faith sanctuary movement, class action lawsuits, and advocacy to change policies. She was a co-founder of the Guatemala Information Center (1980-86).


Associate Director

Gaby Hernandez

Gaby Hernandez is an undocumented scholar and community organizer. She is currently the Associate Director for the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition. As the associate director, she is responsible for developing and overseeing LBIRC’s campaigns and programs. Her experiences as an undocumented immigrant have fueled her passion for social justice and immigrant rights. She believes in the importance of people power and grassroots organizing. Gaby is currently a graduate student studying Applied Anthropology at CSULB and received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in International Studies from CSULB.  

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Operations Manager

Maribel Cruz

Maribel is LBIRC’s Operations manager. Born in Mexico City, Maribel has lived in Long Beach, CA since she was a child. Growing up as an undocumented youth, she has lived through many of the experiences of those in the immigrant community with whom she now works with on a daily basis. Maribel leads the legal clinics, DACA workshops, and the administration of the organization. In college, Maribel was part of  Future Under Representative Educated Leaders (F.U.E.L) at California State University, where she graduated with bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

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English Language Program Coordinator

Miles Haisley

Miles Haisley, LBIRC’s English Language Program Coordinator, is passionate about providing a comfortable, culturally relevant, and empowering learning environment for LBIRC’s membership. He brings years of teaching experience and a master degree in Linguistics with a concentration of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language from California State University Long Beach.  Originally from Queens, New York, Miles lived in Shanghai, China for four years where he discovered his passion for teaching. In 2013, Miles moved to Long Beach from China, and he plans to make his home here and continue his work as an educator.

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Community Organizer

Jamilet Ochoa

Jamilet Ochoa is a recent graduate of CSULB with a bachelor's degree in Women’s Gender and Sexucality Studies, and English Literature. Her experiences as a student organizer in La Raza Student Association centered intersectionality, allyship, and outreach. Jamilet’s passion in coalition building has helped her understand the institutional barriers that affect  underrepresented communities.  

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