Campañas contra las Deportaciones! 



¡Campaña contra las Deportaciones!

Long Beach Justice Fund

El Fondo de Justicia

In response to ICE’s intensified attack on undocumented people, the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition (LBIRC), together with the Sanctuary Long Beach Coalition advocated for a city funded $250,000 deportation defense fund (Long Beach Justice Fund) that would provide those who live or work in Long Beach and are facing deportation access to free universal legal representation. 

Working closely with The Vera Institute and the City of Long Beach, Office of Equity, LBIRC and the Sanctuary Long Beach Coalition were able to secure Immigrant Defenders as the Legal Service Provider for the Long Beach Justice Fund (LBJF) which began operating in May 2019. Since then we have worked in close partnership with Immigrant Defenders and, as of now have connected 19 Long Beach residents to universal legal representation

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En respuesta a los ataques constantes de ICE contra las comunidades indocumentadas, la Coalición de Derechos para los Inmigrantes en Long Beach (LBIRC), junto con la Coalición de Santuario LB, luchamos para que la ciudad de Long Beach financiara un fondo contra la deportación de $250,000. Este fondo provee representación legal universal  contra deportaciones a las personas que viven o trabajan en Long Beach, CA. 

Trabajamos con el Instituto Vera y la Oficina de Equidad de Long Beach para asegurar que Immigrant Defenders fuera el proveedor de este fondo de justicia que comienzo a tomar casos en mayo del 2019. Desde esa fecha, hemos podido representar a 19 personas en nuestra ciudad. 



Our State deportation organizing work entails collaborating with partners across the state and across the U.S to advocate for immigrant rights. Various aspects of deportation are addressed such as; stopping prison-to- ICE transfers and successfully releasing people into their communities via supporting Assembly Bill 2596, VISIONS ACT.  We’ve partnered up with two coalitions, Shut down Adelanto and Dignity not Detention, to abolish the unjust immigration system. Both of whose primary focus is to close down detention centers and liberate people from detention.